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Stolen from my own FB notes lol..this is from a couple weeks ago…

February 26, 2009

But the point is still totally valid.

Okay so I was thinking…..

I have a lot of friends that confide in my (please believe it always stays between you and me) but thinking about dating has made me compile a list of things that I really question…..Please feel free to add on….

1. The 2 day call rule…okay you give a guy/girl your number, why wait to call? Now I understand if you get busy but if I give you my number like on the 3rd and you dont call me until the 15th I have forgotten you.

2. Okay this is big right now for me. DATES. what the hell happened to them? Men especially kill me because they realize AFTER they are fucking the girl that they dont like them…why you ask?? CAUSE YOU NEVER WENT OUT, NEVER GOT TO KNOW EACHOTHER, YOU JUST WENT ON A WHOLE BUNCH OF HOUSE DATES!!!!! no wonder you dont like her, you dont know her!!!

3. Telling all your friends about your relationships but not telling the person you are fooling with how you feel. I mean really…how in the heck do you expect people to know what is going on if you dont talk to one another.

4. WAITING FOR SEX. People. really. I know that sex is important and all and I mean I am the first one to let you know that sexual chemistry is great to have but dammit I am so sick of being uncomfortable and being scared to invite somebody over because I dont want them to be all pressuring me for sex or for that to be the big ass pink elephant in the room.

5. If you are talking to other guys/girls please be honest!!!! 9 times out of 10, I am too. DONT LIE about it…thats how people get the herpes.

6. PHONE GAMES.,..if I call. pick up if you cant pick up, call back. If you cant call back then text me. If I text you text back. I hate for calling / texting to be one sided.

I promise you I can think of more….but please add on.

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