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My take on Rihanna v. Chris Brown…

February 27, 2009

So I admit that I sometimes follow the gossip blogs…I cant help it.

So this Chris Brown v. Rihanna thing is really on my nerves. Now please believe that I dont condone domestic violence…thats my disclaimer….but c’mon really. I really dont believe that picture that was posted on TMZ…. and if they really wanted to help ol girl out they would leave her the hell alone….

So say worst case scenario, the tabs are true and she burned him…. I can’t disagree with him for hitting her…. shoot me. If someone did that to me. I would be under the damn jail.

Take two..say they are arguing back and forth…who threw the first blow? I heard that Rihanna threw the keys out the window of his car when they were fighting, not reason enough to hit her but I can definetly see how he would be mad at that….

All this focus on Chris, what about Rihanna? What if she is one of ‘those chicks’? You know…they ones who jump in your face even when you beg them to back down? Or the ones that have to get the last word? Or the ones who follow your ass when you TRY to leave? What should he have done then?

Point Blank, both of them need some help…

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