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For those curious about my erotica writing…..I present THE HOTEL….

July 10, 2009

The ride to the hotel after the concert was a long, heavy ride.

We both knew how we felt. But neither one of us wanted to make the first move. I know that he did not want to look sleazy and shit, I was supposed to be hurt. I could not just jump into being with another man. But Kareem felt so right. The way he wrapped his arms around me as we swayed to the music was still stuck on my mind. Feeling his breath on my neck, his soft kisses on my collarbone was too much to take. I could not remember the last time someone held me that close and made me feel that damn good.

‘Where did you park your car?’

‘Huh?’ I was in my own world.

‘Which side of the hotel?’

‘Oh.’ I motioned to the left. ‘That side.’

‘You okay? You seem kind of out of it.’

‘I’m okay. I think.’

We ride in silence and I glance over at him. He is so beautiful. His skin is shining like copper under the moonlight. He catches me staring at him and in that moment both of us know that I’m not going home tonight.

‘Stay with me.’

‘I can do that. ‘

I was surprised by his boldness. He is never usually that bold. Ever. But it turns me on. I’m squirming in my seat as we glide into the parking spot in front of the hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel and when I get to the lobby the sound of my heels clicking scares me. Its so damn quiet. He walks ahead of me because clearly I don’t know where I am going. I look at his back. Damn. His back is so strong. Shoulders broad. Waist narrow. Butt full. Legs strong. I’m getting flushed. Head spinning. I don’t want to look him directly in the face. I’m afraid that I will melt. Or lose my will. Or do something stupid.

He is still in front as we get on the elevator. The 11 button illuminates the dim elevator. I go directly to the corner I can see him looking at me through the glass. He looks seductive like his eyes are pleading with me to come to him. I am still too scared.


He walks towards me. His hand is in my hair. Thank God I got a perm. His lips brush mine and I let out a barely audible moan. He feels so damn good. I slip my tongue in his mouth and he tastes like I knew he would. Delicious. His hand is on my ass pulling me closer to him. I feel his heart beating and hear my heart beating in my head. My head is still spinning when the doors open.

He takes my hand and leads me into 1125.

Its dark but I don’t care. I search for his lips again. He finds me. He still has my hand. He sits me on the bed. I unbutton my shirt and throw it on the floor. He does the same. We are both as naked as the day we were born. It’s still dark. I want to see his face. I go turn on the bathroom light and pull the door. He is under the covers.

The bed is so so soft. I sink into it and turn my back to him. I feel him pressing against my backside. It’s so thick. So long. I press my body back into him and feel him kiss my back. I want to show him that I want him. I want to show him that I appreciate him.

I kiss his lips; I don’t know when to stop. We could have been kissing for seconds or days. Time was nothing. I trail my kisses down his neck stopping to nibble for a while he tastes so damn good. My kisses trail his chest…down to his belly…down to the V….I taste him. Only teasing him with my tongue… his reaction eggs me on. I wrap my tongue around his shaft and tease him holding him steady with my hand. He’s moving his hips in my rhythm. I let him enter my mouth and take it all, slowly and deliberately. I let my hand join and stroke him in a circular motion in rhythm with my mouth in rhythm with his hips. We go on like that for how long…time is not an issue. I look up at him and see him somewhere between agony and ecstasy. He stops me. Flips me on my stomach. I raise my hips. I’m so damn wet that I’m embarrassed. I don’t want him to know that the anticipation of him made me that way. He enters me and I feel so full I moan for more. It’s like he knows my body. Like we have done this before. Somewhere, sometime before. Every stroke he gives me I return it to him. I feel sweat in his grip of my hips so I lay my chest down to the bed and lower my hips so he is sliding inside of me. He is so close to me that I hear his breathing, its jagged. My face is in the pillow and I’m calling his name. Calling my Jesus, and calling anyone else who wants to listen. My stomach is burning. I feel myself tighten around him. Again and again. He has it so wet. So damn wet that I feel it running down my legs. I never been this wet before for anyone. He is silent. I just hear him breathing. I’m cursing like a sailor, cumming an ocean praying he does not drown. Or cum yet.

I’m flipped on my back. He looks at me and I want to look away. I’m so naked. Not just physically. I think when he looks into my eyes he is going to see that I’m falling in love, but I can’t look away. My legs are around his neck He gives me all of him and I don’t resist. I still don’t look away. I feel his hips pounding into me. He is still looking at me. I’m biting my lip. I can’t take all the pleasure I feel. He lets my leg rest on his shoulder and teases my nipple with his tongue and my back arches. He gives me more. Stops stroking concentrates on each nipple like there is some kind of imaginary flavor on them. Kisses my belly. I’m begging for him to put it back in. He lays me on my side. Enters me. I arch my back and poke my booty out for better access. I can see the pleasure in his face from every stroke. I’m throwing in back like Roxy Reynolds. I don’t even recognize the string of praise and curses coming out of my own mouth. I’m in ecstasy. I’m past ecstasy. The only thing on my mind is making him cum. I look him in his eyes. I see that he is close. I give him a few more strokes. I lay him on his back and jump on. I take him in slowly then glide back on. I let my booty slap his thighs a few times before I pick up the pace. I see in his face that he is coming. He grabs my hips and meets my thrusts. His breathing chops up. A bead of sweat rolls off his forehead to the pillow. And I feel him cumming. He is holding my hips. Pulling me into him as he cums. He is so sexy right now. I wish he could see himself. I can’t move so I just lay on his chest. He holds me back. It’s an inferno in the room. We are both sweating. Finally I roll off of him and sink into the soft bed.

I don’t know what to say. So I don’t. I just lay beside him. I think he’s sle

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