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Kiss (A Poem by me)

July 16, 2009

Just a little diddy I wrote tonight….or last night lol since it is like 2am. basically about waiting for the okay on a relationship from the other person. Not even necessarily a relationship…Just waiting for the go ahead….

I just wonder if that kiss was the beginning or the end.

I thought it was the beginning so I was playing
Barely pressing your lips to mine
Waiting for the right time to close my eyes
Holding my breath pointlessly
You know you take it from me everytime
you speak sweet nothings
drippin your words into my ear
so syrupy sweet

But obviously I was wrong.

Situations make it so hard for us to see
Like a fog laying over what is ‘supposed to be’
If I had a crystal ball, I swear I would let you borrow it
So you could see
who its gonna be
Cause even if its not me….
I would be okay
But the indecision is taking so much out of me.

If this is the end…then let me make it good for you
Feel the heat of me pressed against your body
Just so you remember EXACTLY how I…
Remember how the electricity feels running through us
And forget why you cant stay
Invite me to lay next to you just one more night
Allow me to wake up with you to greet another beautiful day.

But I dont know what this kiss had in store…
So I think myself in a knot
Waiting for the time to pass
Waiting for the conversation
That you and I must have

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