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No More Good People?? Part ONE

July 28, 2009

So today I have a kinda different subject….


Please give it a read before you judge…

Okay so Im gonna start with my ladies. I hear this all the time…there are NO good men out there… Thats why Im single.

I truly dont believe that. There are good men, men that go overlooked a lot of the time. Lets take for example my cousin, Lets call him ‘Sonny’. So…Sonny is a great man. He has one biological child and basically adopted his ex’s daughter as well because she has known him since birth. He works very hard to provide for his children and that in turn has left him in bad situations sometimes…(women get hungry, try to get ALL the money etc) He finished high school but got caught up in a dope boy’s dream…got in some trouble but now he is cleaning his life up. He is charming, funny, polite and very lovable but he gets looked past because he works at McDonald’s…please keep in mind that he is a Manager and chicks still turn their noses up. I find it funny that A woman will deal with an unemployed man that eats up all your damn food before you will deal with that….My cousin has ambition. Something a lot of men out here don’t have but shoot… Chicks want that fancy shit…That man that her friends will be jealous of….

NOW on the other hand I have another male friend who will be unnamed. Pussy gets thrown at him all the damn time. I mean its crazy. He is an investor who deals in stock and bonds etc. He makes MONEY. He drives a 7 series Beamer, lives in the nice house, wears expensive shit etc etc…however He treats women like SHIT… he is an okay guy but he KNOWS he is a catch therefore he is impossible…he thinks that women owe him something…that they have to be flawless to be with him at. Its sickening really.

But lets move on. The point is.. Women. Really. We have to start taking a look at things differently. What happened to men getting points for ambition and dreams? I mean as long as he has some work behind it…Nobody expects you to get with a straight out ass loser but take a second look at that man who is working hard to get somewhere in this world….

Well Im wrapping up. Make sure you look out for part two tomorrow…

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