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Blindfold me….part One.

August 20, 2009

The silk tie was tight around my wrists. My eyesight had been taken an hour ago but the silky satin of the bedsheets let me know that I was safe. I listened for him but I could only hear my own heartbeat. Fast and loud. I was naked. My senses were high even without use of my hands, feet or eyesight.


I heard him coming. He still has on his work shoes. The rustling of bags in the kitchen has me excited. Hes coming for me. I cant slow my breathing. My heart is racing even faster.

No words…I just feel his hands pull at my nipple. Pain. Pleasure. Sigh. I was given strict instructions not to talk.

‘You are SO wet. Im glad your hands are tied. I don’t want you touching MY pussy.’

My body is so hot Im writing against the sheets to contain my excitement…Im waiting, Im so out of control. I want him on top of me to put out this fire that he started. But I pretend to be patient.

‘Open your mouth.’

I do it with the quickness. Waiting for whatever he wants to give me.

‘No. Tounge Out.’

I obey. What other choice do I have? I praying all this leads to satisfaction.

Pineapple. The taste is beautiful. The juice runs down, lips, chin, neck, and I can feel it puddle right between my breasts. Then his kiss.. Lips, chin, neck and he stops. I tried to kiss back but his movements were too fast. I lean up but his hand forces me back to the bed. I hear him walk away.

‘If you don’t play right, we will stop.’

I heed the warning and calm down, I still hear him walking away, he leaves my side but he does not leave the room. I want to call out for him but that is against the rules. I don’t want to stop the game.

Something hot is on my foot, Consistency smooth and thick….He takes my foot and into his mouth and licks each toe….Im sure that Im making a lake underneath me. I let out a low moan.

‘Youre allowed moans. But nothing else.’

I feel him licking his way up my leg. Planting soft kisses. Biting my thighs. I can feel his breath on my love and I want him to dive in… but he just licks softly…Im so inspired that Im on the verge of an orgasm.

‘Its not that easy. You know that.’

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