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The ART of Seduction….

December 22, 2009


You’re Ready…She’s ready…

You have the lights on dim, soft slow music playing and you step closer to her. You want to show her how much she means to you….but you are not sure how to go about it…

WELL! Today is your lucky day!!

I, Miss Bre am going to teach you about the fine art of SEDUCTION. Take notes.

Seduction you see…is more than sex…seduction is a mind game.

Seduction is getting a woman where you want her, completely open and willing to please you as long as you please her…

So hardheaded ass men listen up and take advice from a master seductress.

The first step of seduction is to take her to her favorite spot…wether it be a resturant, movies an open mic…make sure she has a great time. Do sexy things like whispering in her ear all night to tell her how incredibly sexy she is. Step out of yourself. If you are usually shy…be outspoken, do something to put yourself out of your normal. Let her know that she is the ONLY woman that you are paying attention to tonight because she is the only woman that exists to you. As women. we have a need to feel attractive…a need to be flattered and be complimented. This alone is enough to make most women happy…but tonight you will send it over the edge.

Here’s a scenario…

You tell your lady to close her eyes and you slowly and intently take off her lead her to the bathroom where she opens here eyes and there are candles everywhere…a hot bath inviting her in.

Sounds cheesy right?

WRONG. Often men stop themselves from doing romantic things simply because they THINK they are cheesy. Women get off on that shit. How do I know? Im a woman. I LOVE hot baths. But more than anything I love to feel like a man has stepped down a notch and become subservient to me. Its an ego trip. That lets her know that you dont mind stepping out of that traditional male macho role to please her…

Get on you knees…talk to her…wash her…dont talk TOO much…thats a mood killer…instead hand her a glass of her favorite wine and tell her the only thing on your mind tonight is HER.

This part is probably the easiest… Set the mood. TV OFF. CELL OFF. COMPUTER OFF. Get your music right. (No Plies please) If you are good this will be a long night.

Female satisfaction is tricky. Women’s orgasms are mental as well as physical and that my friends is another lesson…If you cant take it from here…I cant help you..

But remember (Use the magic button :))

Love Always,

Miss Bre.

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  1. December 22, 2009 12:22 pm

    Preach! This is hot shit. Thank you for the female perspective. 😉

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