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Being the Fantasy….

January 22, 2010

Dressed to Impress...Hello my loyal readers, I am SO glad that you decided to stop by…

Today I have decided to touch on the subject of staying sexy, and this is for my ladies…dont worry gents, you will have your turn too.

Although I am single… I appreciate the form of a relationship, I also have enough relationship experience to write a book (which I WILL be doing soon)…so I KNOW what it takes to get and keep a man.

Looks are NOT everything, but they sure mean something.

Say I go out with my girls, to the nines, dressed lovely, hair in place, toes right, nails done and I meet a gentleman. We talk and attraction sparks, we decide to exchange numbers and meet up later. The NEXT time I see him I am going to expect for him to look as wonderful as he did when I first met him or my attraction will die. We all know this. Its happened to ALL of us when we thought we saw a diamond under the bright flashing club lights and when we saw them again they looked more like a duck (which is a fucking bummer ALWAYS). My point being Attraction is physical first.

Now with me saying that, I think that too many times, when people get in relationships and feel like the ‘have’ someone their look starts slipping. I mean this has happened to ME so its real. Life happens, we get into routines and forget how to set yourself apart from the rat race. We stop going to hair appointments, stop getting mani / pedis. Next thing you know you go into the same rotation of outfits and one day you look down and think, DAMN I fell off. Now even though women can realize this quickly, men realize the shit EVEN faster.

Now is it fair if your man comes to you and says, ‘baby, you are not doing the things you used to do for yourself’? Thats when women get defensive and mad and start complaining about ALL the shit that he isnt doing but honestly as long as all is said respectablly, looking good is something that you are SUPPOSED to want for yourself.

I have said many times that I NEVER want to be an embarrassment to MY man. I want us to walk into a room together and everyone stops and looks. I want him to be the envy of his friends. I want niggas to stop and say ‘THATS your girl?!’ Its something that gives me confidence and its also something that shows that I LOVE my man.

Long story short, Ladies, look in the mirror. Are you doing EVERYTHING to keep yourself up? And before you even think it, this is NOT all for a man. You should want to look good for yourself. Be the fantasy. Peace Out.

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  1. *Anonymous* permalink
    January 28, 2010 6:41 pm

    This was a great post that spoke to my heart, lol. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in being a mom, wife etc. etc. etc. (depending on the woman), that it’s easy to forget about putting yourself first and taking care of home. Not many people will tell you when you’re falling off and need to step your game up again, but your post made me look at myself and remember I need to maintain my appearance despite the craziness that goes on in a day. If not for myself, for my family whom I represent when I go out with them or without them.


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