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Sex and The Bull City…

January 30, 2010

He played Brown Skin lady on the way to pick up ice cream for me. Butter Pecan. My favorite.

He is in the store and I’m SO excited. He is a gentleman and an asshole. Double personality. Beautiful Brown. I love it all. I Flipped down my mirror for the 100th time practicing my expressions, checking for food in my teeth, making kissy faces at the mirror.

I’m psyched.

I met him on the slaveship. Sweating my ass off to a master mix of Hootie Hoo, hells fire could NOT have burned as hot as a club packed full of horny black people.

He shouted at me from behind. Over the loud music, I’m surprised I turned my head.


He caught me by surprise, I’m about 90% sure I stared at him like ‘Who the fuck are you?’ But looking in his hand, he offered water. Black T-Shirt. SECURITY. BIG and black but so fucking sexy. I gave him a slight confused smile. I was SO happy for the water. Lord knows I was not trying to buy overpriced watered down vodka concoctions.

I walked away but i kept my eye on him, Had to appease the goons I was with. Regular hood shit.

Dance. Recite Lyrics. Pose. Sweat. Laugh.

But slowly I made my way back to him. I was sweating. He opened the door to let some air cool me. I gave him my best ‘talk to me; smile, instead of talking, he handed me his phone. I put my number in.

So now, 3 dates, several phone calls, and endless flirting later, here I sit in front of this grocery store waiting for him to come out.

Its raining, Mya came on the CD next with ‘For the First Time’. The car is stuffy, not because its hot in here and cold out there but all my thoughts were swelling in the car. I sure hope he can’t hear me thinking. Finally at his Place. Not many words are spoken while we walked up the stairs to the beach house, Not because it was actually at the beach but because it was high on stilts, like the houses on the beach. Maybe I didn’t speak any words because he lives on a high floor and I did NOT wanna have the embarrassing, ‘I’m out of breath’ look on my face when I finally arrived.

The house smelled good. Smelled clean. Small talk leads to great conversation and I stare at him when he talks. He is an asshole to everyone else, forced to put a frown on his beautiful face and bark out commands. With me he is soft… happy. That makes me smile. Is he nervous too? That would be great. The hours pass and I don’t want to leave from his side. I just want to cuddle up. Its only been *lemme count* Three dates. SHIT. My rules are FOUR dates my place then his place THEN maybe just MAYBE….

But its getting later and later. Its still raining. Here I am in the bull city (the good part I was told) far from my room.

1:37 – The clock is telling me to stay.

“I want to shower, I bought my own soap.”

He smiles, hands me a towel and I escape to the bathroom. I start the water and stare at myself…am I supposed to be here? SHIT. No shower cap. Now my REAL hair is gonna frizz and he will know this is a weave. Oh well.

“My apartment smell good like girly soap.”

I laughed. He is so beautiful. The bed is turned down, the window is open and I feel the rain making its way through the screen. It felt great. I lay down… I can feel my heart trying to pound its way out of my chest. I wonder if he hears it??

He lays beside me. He feels SO good. So warm. We talk.

‘Is that your hair?’

‘Umm no.’

We share a laugh, perfect intro for a kiss.

Fireworks. Explosions. Heat.

The kiss felt so good it led to more…and more….and more….he’s making his way down. SHIT. I wish I could get my heart to slow down. And I wish that FUCKING dog would stop barking in the next apartment over. I need this to be perfect. His body is heavy and warm on top of me. I cant show him how bad I want him. I’m embarrassed at how wet he makes me. His hands are everywhere and Im just trying to stay coherent enough to keep up…

I had to show appreciation. I let him grab my hair and guide me to him…I wanted to be perfect for him. I let him set the pace. I look up and see his eyes rolling back. Good. I go faster. I have something to prove now. I want him to lust for me. To need me. To want me.

I back off and climb on top. PERFECT seat. I look back at myself and I’m so turned on. I look at his face and his eyes are still open. Eye contact. I need to show him I’m in control. I grab tight. Thank GOD for Kegels. I feel myself cumming off his reaction. Thoughts running in my head…

Damn…this is the 3rd date. Rationalizing. Still keeping beat in my head. Wait. I met him for lunch does that count…Thought are crowded. I’m cumming again. Losing my control…he flips me over fast. He’s strong. I like that. His weight pressed on me from behind feel lovely. I’m swimming and seeing colors. Hes saying something. I cant hear what it is over the perversions I’m shouting. I can’t believe that is coming out of my mouth.

I lose track of what happened next. Mouth is dry. Need water. He is smiling. I pull the blanket up. Its still raining.

He’s a keeper.

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