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Happy Valentines Day….

February 14, 2010

Good morning and HAPPY LOVE DAY!!

I get excited about V day…not because I have a man, I am OH so happily single….but because today is a day we can show love to people who show us love on a REGULAR basis…

I understand if Cupid did not shoot you through the heart on this special day but I want you to enjoy your day. Happiness attracts happiness! Make yourself happy! Get dressed up! Do something nice for your self of someone you love dearly, family, friends or otherwise….Im gonna keep you moving today with some of my favorite Valentines day songs….

Up first a CLASSIC….

This song is off the ‘Waiting to Exhale’ Soundtrack and to this day it is one of my favorite songs…If you are in love…this is a perfect sentimental tune to let your lover know you love them just the way they are 🙂

Next UP:

Ryan Leslie – ‘Valentine’ This is for people who are NOT quite in a relationship but have someone special to feel some kind of way about….

‘I know you’re not my girlfriend but…I swear that I love you…’

Perfection in a song…

And LAST but NOT least…MY personal FAVORITE…

This is what I will be playing today…

A funky ass getting dressed jam…Because honey…I got plans to LAVISH myself in my OWN love tonight 🙂

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