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The photographer…

February 23, 2010

‘No, no! Leave it like that…perfect.’

The light coming through the shade was casting a lovely shadow on the muse’s body. She looked beautiful and natural and feminine and I knew these shots were going to excite him.

‘Yes! Like that…Just be still…but open your lips.’

I stood off to the side, holding the next lens and like clockwork he reached back for it. His ambition is sexy. Here it was nearing 8pm and we started shooting around 12. I knew he was tired but he never showed it, sexy in his simple t-shirt, jeans and boots, concentrating on the next shot. It was a simple nude profile, maybe she was having them taken for a lover, but I know he just saw it as art.

Something happened when the sun finally set and the light left…I turned on the Soft box and adjusted it to make up for the faded natural light. Just then I caught a glimpse of her, and she was stunning, Cinnamon brown and about 5’6, full C cup untouched by gravity, basically the perfect body. I shyed away from looking too hard, I was just an assistant and I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable and risk losing my job. It was not that I was really attracted to her or by her, I was just in awe of her. She had the type of body any woman works hard for, effortlessly. He must have been thinking the same thing because he stared at her, I could see it now, the were flirting.

He is usually relentless, barking commands to his subjects but today he was soft. Most of his directions sounded more like soft pleadings. His eyes would meet hers and there would be a giggle from her and a robust laugh from him. The mood was free and easy and despite all the work, the three of us were having a good time.

He grabbed a water bottle. ‘How about a couple of wet shots?’

She gave him a quick okay and he went to her and splashed the water over her shoulders and breasts. I handed him another lens.

She stared at the camera while her hands went to her breasts. Snap. She squeezed her nipples and bit her bottom lip. Snap. Snap. On to her midsection and her hand went between her legs. Snap. She laid back on the bed and started touching herself. I was caught in the moment. My heart was beating fast and I could feel the sweat pooling on my lower back.

It’s like I wasn’t there. He went to her like an old familiar lover and licked some water off of her stomach. She giggled. I sat down in a chair facing the bed. She rubbed his head and guided it between her legs. I watched them like they were a movie. She arched her back and moaned for him whispering something inaudible. I found the button on my jeans and eased them loose. Found the zipper. I pulled my jeans down and swung my leg over the chair. He repositioned himself on top of her. He was staring at me. My fingers went to my mouth and then found the spot. I watched them in rhythm. they were art together. I was shocked by what was going on but I couldn’t control myself. He flipped her over and entered her from behind. They were both watching me. I rubbed circles over my clit faster and faster, one hand finding my nipple. They kept staring. They were my show but I was theirs. Sweat dropped off my forehead to my shoulder but I kept going. I felt the burning in my stomach and I was so ready for a release but they were watching me. i was not ready for it to be over so I slowed down.

I was breathing heavy. Moaning. Shaking uncontrollably. He was picking up his pace, slamming into her hard and our eyes met. i had worked with him a thousand times and never thought of him sexually. Ever. But he was too much. His eyes told me he was putting on a show just for me. It was too much to take and I came hard. I wet up the chair and fell back exhausted. I heard them finishing and watched for the climax. She sat up on her knees and let him cum in her mouth. His expression was pure extacy.

They got dressed as if nothing happened. I followed suit. I dressed fast hoping no embarrassment would come. We finished the shoot and she left. I stayed behind to finish packing the equipment.

‘I wish it was you.’

‘Next time it will be me.’

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