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Ask Miss Bre…

March 3, 2010


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This question comes from -McNeely- in Apex…

Miss Bre…

I have been seeing a woman for about 3 months, nothing exclusive, just a lot of hanging out and casual sex. I continually ask her if she wants it to be something more and she keeps telling me that she is happy where things are. WELL…I happened to meet another young lady and we mesh very well, we have started to spend more time together and she (and I) want to take it to the bedroom. Can I continue seeing lady #1 and still have lady #2?

Dear -McNeely-

Well first off let me say you must know how to reel them in LOL.

As for lady #1, if she is happy with what you two have and nothing more then I say you should continue to see her…

HOWEVER these women need to know that neither of them are the only women in your life. Neither one of them is your girlfriend and lady #1 has made it clear that she is not interested in a relationship with you right now. The issue that you are going to have is keeping it honest.

What you are doing right now is what I call ‘casually dating’ and there is nothing wrong with that. Just keep it SAFE, and keep each lady in the know about what is going on.

Hope that helps!!

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