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Play with your own squishy….

March 6, 2010

This post is very near and dear to my heart. As a frequent and avid squishy player I KNOW there are so many benefits to the act of self pleasure. From stress relief, to better self image the list could go on and on.


There is an epidemic and it saddens me. I have done informal polls even with my own female friends and the art of masturbation is often seen as taboo or ‘a man thing’. that couldn’t be FARTHER from the truth.

I call it ‘self investigation’ or ‘research’. It still holds true that if you don’t know how to please yourself, how do you expect someone to please you?

Tonight, I present to you some tips, take them or leave them, but at least read them 🙂

– Clear your mind.

I know that is hard. Easier said than done but I like to start out with a blank slate. Completely naked and just listen to what my body has to say. If the feeling is there, please believe your mind will direct you.

– Don’t start with a toy too early

I always start manually with my clitoris because sometimes using a toy too early can desensitize it. I usually use the toy to finish things out or to increase the intensity of the orgasm.

– Remember the two kinds of orgasms

The first and easiest being the clitoral orgasm which comes from direct clitoral stimulation. Honestly, this is usually the kind i go for when it comes to fast intensity. With the right manipulation, you can get one of these of in about 5 minutes flat.

The second and generally harder to achieve is the g-spot orgasm. There are tools to help you find your g-spot (Please see my toy review on the Slimline G-Spot vibe below) But generally speaking it if you lay your hand flat, palm side up and insert your middle finger, you can feel it on the top of your vagina, it will feel a bit rougher then the rest of your v jay. stimulate this enough and you can enjoy the pleasures of female ejaculation (A WHOLE NOTHER’ POST).

– Don’t rush the O

It might go away, and you KNOW how hard it is to get that feeling back.

Happy Pussy Popping!

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  1. Andre permalink
    March 9, 2010 11:08 pm

    Well now this interesting. I have absolutely NO problem at all with someone pleasing themselves. It belongs to you so that means you can do with it as YOU please. The issue that I have with it is that Soooo many woman have to resort to pleasing themselves in the first place.

    As men we do it and we do it OFTEN. As we get older it becomes even more frequesnt, and when your single (FORGET ABOUT IT)

    As people we have become so disconnected with each other that even though were all walking around here HORNY as HELL were still very, very suspicious about getting together. Now I know what your thinking that YES we should be careful and I agree with that as well 2000% but it still shouldnt prevent us from being intimate and get us into the habit (especially woman) of MASTURBATION.

    Now I know that there are some Horny toads out there who are just dying to get off and are pretty much willing to do any body. I’m NOT talking to or about them at all. After all it is about quality NOY quantity (A lesson we as men lean as we get older)

    Ladies I say to you masturbation is NOT a sustitute for a MAN its merely a temporary streess releiver.

    I think thats extremely important to remember.

    Take care!

  2. March 9, 2010 11:16 pm

    Good point. Well taken. Even I, the queen of squishy playing have to agree with you there. Masturbation is not a substitute for real sex or for affection. You have to find that in a partner.

  3. March 10, 2010 6:10 pm

    I totally agree that as women we need to get over the whole sex or anything sex related is off limits to talk about. I feel like if we can be open to things like homosexuality and violence, then why not self pleasure and all that comes with it? It’s no longer enough to be comfortable with the skin you’re in. You have to be comfortable with the body that’s in the skin-inside & out.

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