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Ask Miss Bre….

March 15, 2010

Hello loyal readers 🙂

This question comes from a friend that I have known since HS so their identity shall remain withheld.

Dear Miss Bre,

You are freaking awesome. And hot too. The issue is this: I got married to my wife about six months ago. We always had a healthy and active sex life when we were just dating. We were fun and spontaneous and always at it like rabbits. Well. That was then.

We have not had sex since our wedding night.

I used to try and be spontaneous with her like we used to but for some reason the answer is always NO or NOT TODAY or I DONT FEEL LIKE IT. Well I tried and Tried so much that now I’m not even turned on by her anymore. We dance around the subject but we have not talked about it. I want to bring it up in a way so it does not hurt her feelings…help me out??


Dear X,

I would like to think I am hot and awesome too. THANKS!

Now to the issue.

The number one issue is that you and your wife seem to have lost communication. BUT before you bring it to her you need to work on a few things for yourself.

Is the loss of attraction physical? Is it mental? Do you know what would put you back into the frame of mind of being attracted to her again? If you do not have the answer to the questions it is best not to go to her until you do.

A lot of time when married people stop having sex, its not about sex at all, it’s more of a mental block.

Make sure you reiterate the fact that you still LOVE her. If you feel the tension I know she has felt it as well. Don’t let the covo be one sided….leave it open and be ready for criticism. Whatever it is you need to talk but before you talk know what you are saying

Hope I helped 🙂

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