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April 9, 2010

Hello folks!

As ALWAYS, thank you for reading my blog…you can follow me on twitter @_MissBre.

Well today folks I have a topic that is going to ruffle some feathers. Monogamy.

Monogamy is a touch subject for MANY folks. I won’t say ‘especially women’ or ‘especially men’ because hurt feelings are hurt feelings and everyone takes pain differently.

Let me start by saying, I have no problem being faithful BUT with that being said, people place too much weight on monogamy.

Committed relationships are about SO much more than just sex. I hate to see the breakdown of that thought when it comes to the subject of staying faithful.  Faithful is interpreted so many ways. I mean, you have some people that think a single glance is cheating and other people who push the limits way further than that.  I honestly think that the idea of being expected to not have a physical attraction to anyone else for the entire duration of your relationship is absurd. I personally know women (and men) who absolutely think that you should never think about anyone other than your partner. That is an impossible task.

Okay let me break this down into the Miss Bre way of thinking….

Why do people get mad when they are cheated on? Is it the actual act of sex? Or is it the lies and deceit that were used to cover it up?

Lets for a minute think about cheating minus the lying and deceit part. It’s just sex. So if sex is NOT everything would you let it ruin your entire relationship?

Please believe some people cheat for the thrill of cheating (please see previous blog entry lol)


What if you had the option to explore your feelings of lust for another person (safely of course)? What if you were out of town, saw a person that you wanted to take home at the club, fucked and never saw them again? Why would that have to be the end of your relationship? There was NO love involved, no lying, no deceit. Would you feel some type of way if your partner did that?

I wouldn’t.

I have been cheated on in the past and honestly the fact that my man put his penis in another body NEVER affected me. It was the thought of being lied to repeatedly. The fact that he deceived me (and her) just to bust a nut.

To me, relationships are more about making a good team. If I had a partner who was everything I needed and I wanted the last thing I would be worried about was him fucking somebody else. That is SO irrelevant when you have so many other things that keep you with a person.

NOW. With that being said, know there would have to be limits…physical connections only…keep the lines of communitcaitons open….dont get disrespectful with it and forget how to hold it down at home…..stay safe at all times and STAY AWAY from people that can’t handle the fact you are taken already.

Would you be able to deal with that?

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  1. April 9, 2010 12:54 am

    Personally I love monogamy. Part of the reason why is I don’t wanna share so I expect her to feel the same way. Now I look at other women and even like other women but I never cross “that line” but in every relationship that line is different. I will
    never cheat on my girl (knock on wood) but I do physically and mentally like other women. Personally I think thyself human nature. If she is with me I would never disrespect her in front of her and even if I’m talking to another woman it’s strictly mental, no physical at all.
    Now my girl hates the thought of me talkin to another woman. Hell, she hates the fact that I follow pornstars on Twitter but then I think it’s just her “line” her interpretation of what manogamy and being faithful is.

    In order for relationships to last they have to be built off trust and fun. If their is no trust then there will never be loyalty and with no fun comes no happiness. Sex is just icing on a cake. If you can find a woman or man that you can tolerate being around and you know it’s nor gonna lead to sex then you might have something special. Okay I’m rambling bre’, I’m done.

  2. April 9, 2010 1:00 am

    Thanks for your comment! I mean Momogamy is cool and it can work too I just think the world should not end because your s/o is attracted and possible wants to *JUST* sleep with somebody else…

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