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La région grise [The gray area]

April 16, 2010

Hello good folks….

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Touchy subject today. “The gray area”…

You know that place you go when you are not quite ‘together’ and not quite ‘just fucking’. That area where SO many relationship die because of the lack of knowing what the fuck is really going on. The area where everyone has an opinion……were everyone is telling you what you should and should not do because you dont want to ‘play yourself’ (Do the kids still say ‘play yourself’???)

Well I’m here to tell you that the gray area is the worst fucking shit in life and it has to die now.  When I think about what I did wrong in dating, this time is usually where I fuck it up. If I can say anything to anybody who reads this blog please hear this.


If I was smart (In love) instead of using the gray area to fuck his brains out and be nice to him to show him all the things I could potentially do IF I was his girl….I would use the time to let him know what I do and do NOT deal with. Honestly, everybody has been there, you know…when somebody fucks up (kinda) and you don’t even address it trying to keep peace because you wanna be on the fast track to the relationship? Yeah girl. I know. I have done it too….Don’t be ashamed!

So I made some rules for ‘The Gray area’ I’m gonna keep this shit short and sweet.

1. Don’t do anything that you would not be normally willing to do in a relationship.

Don’t say yes to shit that usually gets a HELL NO. Don’t dismiss shit that you would usually go ballistic on. You know why? Because if you make it to the relationship and you pull that shit….the other person is going to feel like they got bumrushed and leave your ass.

2. Make your word your BOND.

Really. If you say you are going to do some shit do it. It sets the precedence of the ENTIRE relationship. You said you don’t tolerate somebody talking to you crazy, then don’t. Don’t talk big shit and not be prepared to walk.

3. Don’t stay in the gray area too long.

Eventually, you have to step up and say, hey guy/girl. What the fuck is REALLY going on here? If they don’t know….dont be afraid to dead it. If you stay in the gray area too long… will never be in a relationship. And don’t let the other person give you that ‘not ready for a relationship’ BS. If you were important enough….they would make themselves ready.

I hope that helps you…..and if you are already in the gray area….PLEASE be careful!

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  1. May 4, 2010 12:32 pm

    This right here is WORD. Something I know I’m dealing with in my life. SCIENCE.

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