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Confessions of a (kinda) Sex Worker

June 2, 2010

Hey Guys!

I know long time no post but BEHOLD… I am working on something great.

I figure I will go ahead and give you a backstory before everyone gets confused.

For almost three years I worked for an erotic website (think more like helping escorts / transsexuals / BDSM mistresses with their ads they placed online with the company) and in those three years I came across some VERY interesting things.  So I figured, why not write about them.  All names and places will be changed to protect the (somewhat) innocent.

My aim is to let people inside the sex industry. Its not all glitz and glam and the things the girls told me and that I witnessed first hand are sure to send chills up anybodys spine….

Please check for the first installment by the end of next week but read on for an introduction….


For three years of my life…. I was MaryJane.

I was 20 years old. BROKE. Taking a break from college because I had to pay for it myself and my funds were tapped. Couldn’t get any loans without a co-signer and my family was not exactly going for that. So here I was with time on my hands and mounting bills to pay, the only logical thing to do was to GET A JOB.

WANTED: Open minded free spirit with a background in customer service. This will be the most interesting job in your lifetime. Send resume to email below.

That was the ad I saw on Monster. I was clicking anything about this point so I sent in my resume. The response was immediate. There was a link to the site (which I wont mention to protect anyone who is still working there) and instructions to look over the site before I set up an interview.

So I, being the adventurous person that I (sometimes) am clicked the link.

It was a ‘Red or Blue Pill’ moment. Because what I saw changed my life…..

The website was classy and simple with instructions for you to choose your city and choose what type of play you were into.. Escorts (all divided by flavor and hair color) BDSM (lots of leather, not a lot of lace) Transsexuals (Self Explanatory) all with a brief bio and pictures and a phone number for you to book a date.

I needed money so bad that once I was absolutely sure I would not have to show my round brown I replied to the email to set up an interview.

The response came FAST.

“We are SO happy you are interested in the position of customer service representative and we would like to set up an interview as soon as possible.”

I called the phone number listed in the email and got a friendly voice.

“Oh calling for an interview? Can you come today? 3pm? Oh wear whatever. Its not formal. Yeah, Raleigh… you familiar? Okay. Great. See you then!”

I wore jeans. It was HOT and sticky. Typical NC weather. The building was not far and for all the kinky shit they had going on the website the building was just a plain brick façade with the company logo printed on the front. I sat in the car and thought about what I was about to do. Money overpowered any negative thoughts that tried to surface.

I sat face to face with Tiffany. I felt stupid for taking out my eyebrow ring because she sat in front of me with piercings and tattoos galore.

“Have you worked in a call center before?”

“No. But I am a quick learn and Im willing to give it a try”

“Great fucking attitude.”

(I sat there confused as fuck that she just cursed in an interview especially after she explained she was a manager)

“Well, thank you!”

We went on with typical questions. How much do you require for salary? Can you work late? Do you have adequate transportation? Apparently all questions were answered satisfactory because she asked if I could join the training class starting the next day.

“We are happy to have you on board! Oh and think of a name that you can use on the phone so people wont know who you are and try any stupid shit”

(That should have been a warning.)


Plain ole MaryJane.

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  1. fattygirl218 permalink
    December 30, 2010 3:39 am

    damn whats the rest of the story son?

  2. fattygirl218 permalink
    December 30, 2010 3:53 am

    the wait is killing me

  3. January 14, 2011 4:58 am

    Yea I’ve been waiting too

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