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July 2, 2010

Hello fine readers….

I wanted to take some time and give my humble opinion of ‘homewreckers’.

I don’t think they exist.


And here is why:

So you are married, or in a relationship and you love your mate and your mate loves you.  Another comes along and wooes your mate. Wooes them good… and they leave you and go to the other person. You are mad right?  Hurt? betrayal? Broken Hearted? So the most logical thing to do is blame the other person. Right?


A person is a person. They belong to themselves. We can not be property of anyone else. So with that said NOBODY can steal your man / woman. They are the other person that can cross that line.  That other person may be looking greener on the other side but your mate has to actually walk out of your gate to make it to their grass!

So if this person under NO duress calmly walks to the other side, how is that stealing?

Its not.

Ethical? No. Wrong? Yes. Stealing? No.

Now that I have that out of the way let me go to the Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys v. Mashonda issue.

I do not know these people therefore I have an opinion but honestly, my opinion does not mean jack to them. (And neither does yours).  No matter how the relationship started, now there is a child involved, that should be taken in consideration.


I don’t think Alicia wrecked a relationship that was not already struggling. According to the story I have heard (from Swizz’s mouth) He was attempting a reconciliation with Mashonda that fell through. Alicia was a friend that turned into more.  I can honestly see that. I mean how many mistresses actually get a ring? (And what a BIG ring that is Miss Keys).  How many mistresses are seen in public? I dont think she is simply ‘the other woman’.  I think and pray the relationship developed while he was going through a difficult time…. as many relationships do.

Now I will NOT say that they are not in the wrong. The relationship should have officially started when the divorce was final. Thats the truth. But they will both have to deal with that.

Swizz says, in the interview HERE that the main reason that he and Mashonda got divorced was because of jealousy and distrust. Not cheating. This is one of the only times I have seen him even publicly address the issue.


Mashonda has gone through several avenues to get her point across. wether it’s via her Twitter page, through numerous interviews and an open letter which you can find HERE. I have read and or listened to most of all of them and there is one thing missing. Her admission to any part in the dissolution of marriage. From what she is saying things were are good. Now I know that your man is not going to up and leave you over ONE woman. There have to be some mitigating factors. That looks REALLY suspect to me.  Every marriage has issues. Nothing is perfect. Ever. Her constant grab at media attention has made the problem worse, and who is really going to feel it? The kids.

All parties are in some way shape of form WRONG. As humans we make mistakes. Feelings change, hearts get broken. But you cant tell your heart not to feel what it feels which is why I can understand ALL parties. I commend Alicia & Swizz for keeping tight lipped about it all.

So there you have it.

Make your own opinion.


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