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Everybody wants to be on Top.

March 3, 2011

I am an Alpha Female.

I want shit my way. I want it how I want it. I want it when I need it. I crave power and control.

These are things that I know about myself. I am honest with myself.


I know this is not who I need to be in a relationship.

I get in this space when I am alone. I call it survival mode. I make all the decision because I have to. I do things for myself because if I dont, who the fuck else will do it. If you know nothing about me, I am a single mother. I cant play the damsel in distress role because there is someone there who needs me 24 – 7. With all this being said.

Somewhere deep down. I really would put a man in charge.

I think it would be freeing. Knowing that I CAN do it myself but allow someone else to do it. Knowing someone loves me enough to make sure that I am taken care of.  I think that if a man can respect the fact that I can get shit done but wants me to chill because HE is the man of the house…. he is the epitome of what a man should be.

Now to all you extra feminist naysayers. There can only be ONE person in charge. Thats why there is only one King, One President, One dictator. A good man will make the decisions with input from you. A GOOD man will not let the sink ship because of foolish pride or ego.

When I find this. I will smile.

Thanks for listening as always.

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