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The Beauty Of Love….

December 26, 2011

The Beauty Of Love....

The beauty of love.

Hey yall!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas because I did. Just wanted to share a few thoughts. Hope this comes out well.

The Beauty Of Love….

We all live. We wander and we are all strangers. We all hope that one day we will find this elusive thing called love. We fight over it. We dream about it. We do stupid things for it. We feel like we have it and then things happen to let you know that love was not what you once thought it was. The beauty of love is that it is ever changing and always redefining itself. When we are young we equate love to butterflies and springtime and beauty but as we get older we see that love is about so much more.
Do you ever find it funny that nobody can really define love? Why? My opinion is that love is a verb. You have to feel it and do it to understand it. Love cannot be a noun to stand alone. Love is nothing if not put in action so I asked myself, am I practicing love?
You can say you love someone. But saying you love someone and loving someone are worlds apart. Love in its physical form should be sex but this world has corrupted that. We have corrupted that, shit I have corrupted that at times. So what is love in its physical form? Love in its physical form, to me is a presence that is always felt. It is calm in the storm. It is knowing that someone is going to be beside you holding your hand no matter what comes.
The holiday season is filled with loneliness. I urge all of you to seek love. Not just romantic love but friend love, family love and actually take some time to practice love.

I promise you it is an exercise that is good for your heart.

Peace and light and love.


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