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The things I know about love.

December 29, 2012

Okay so my new years resolution is to post to my blog more. 🙂

Anyway. I have been super self reflective over the past couple of weeks and I figured I would share. I decided to write down what I knew about love. I do not claim to understand love. At all. Hell if I understood, I would not be single.

So here goes, My personal love lessons.

Love comes when it wants to come. It usually creeps up on you.

Love will make a rational person completely irrational. 

Love is not patient. Love wants what it wants when it wants it. 

Love can be one sided. Just because YOU are in love does not mean the other person is. 

Love is not hot and cold, people are. 

So keeping all these things in mind, I have decided to be better to myself next year. I hope you all choose to do the same 🙂




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